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Monday, February 26, 2007

Whoa, snow!

In a matter of approximately 36 hours, Minneaplois was blessed with a little under a foot of snow. That's probably the most snow we've gotten all winter! Winona got 28"! Crazy! There have been so many cars getting stuck around the NCU campus. We plowed all the parking lots, but Saturday night, when it was really coming down, I think there were half a dozen cars that got stuck in one particular parking lot within a few hours. Each one had to either be pushed or shoveled out. Snow is cool, and I love it! However, I am so exhausted that I really hope we don't get anymore. This stuff can stay for a while, but no more ridiculous amounts at the same time. We're supposed to get another 4-6" on Wednesday (or maybe it was Tuesday?). I don't remember. I heard that it wasn't much better up north. It's so ironic that SPRING break is this weekend for NCU...actually, this weekend is also WINTER retreat for Bloomington's youth group. Hmmm, so much for spring! As nice as the snow is to look at, play in, and make things ironic, the only thing it's really, truly good for is...

that's right, SNOW DAY!
We definatley DID NOT get a snow day!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Five Minutes

Five minutes, that's all I'm giving myself to write this. Okay, let's see how many errors there will be. What I want to know is how many other things could I have done in five minutes. I could have read part of my Old testament assignment. I could have made a belated birthday card for Jen. I could have walked into the hallway and said hi to someone. I could have gone across the hallway and checked up on Katie (she's sick). I could have drawn flowers on my shoes. I could have made my bed. I could have vacuumed. I could have made some tea. I could have called my mom or dad. I could have done kartwheels. I could have finished my science. I could have done work on my big project for Global Perspectives. I could have thought of a name for the new small group I'm a part of. I could have drawn a picture. I could have written a book (a very short book). I could have done a journal entry. I could have prayed for Thailand. I could have eaten cake (after I found some). I could have helped someone do something. I'm out of time!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Winter Break!

I just realized that I never did justice to by winter break. I said that it was fun or whatever, but I never gave any specific examples. I feel like a heathen of the blogging world. Actually, is there even a blogging world anymore? My Space, I laugh at you! What a joke you are! Um, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Break. What I was going to get at was that we got to play in the snow. It was AWESOME! I (hearted) it. No, seriously, it was so much fun. Don't give me that "you're in college" look. Fine, I'll just post the pictures and you can have fun looking at them!

Whoohoo! It's fun in the snow! So fun, in fact, we ran!

Look, Jenni's the snow!

The merry-go-round was fun...and cold...and Brooke looks sick. Good times!

There were more pictures, but my battery is dying. So, until next time...

Friday, January 26, 2007


Recapping what has happened over the past...*cough*two or so months...uh, yeah. Well, there was Thanksgiving break. It was good. Probably the highlight of my last month of school was finals week. It was amazing. All that I really want to say about, mainly because I love Jesus, is that I'm glad it's over. Next came Christmas break. I got to make some sweet moola! I also got to take a CLEP test. Uh, yeah, if you want to know how I did, I suggest emailing me or calling's not something I'm proud of. I got my grades from my first semester as a full-time student. I ended up doing better than expected (which is always nice!). Break was over before I knew it. I came back, did some training for work and got going with school. It was good to be back. Classes are going well. I enjoy them a lot. My class schedule is: Mon, Wed, Fri I have Old Testament History and Literature with Michael Sparling, Global Perspectives with John Fransisco, and Systematic Theology with Matthew Thompson. Tues, Thurs I have Cultural Anthropology with William (Buzz) Brookman, and Physical Science by Inquiry with Ferrella Shaka. I have been doing a fairly good job keeping up with homework. Life is good. Um, I have to go charge my computer because it's telling me it's going to die in a matter of minutes. Well, until next time...(I like to leave 'em haning!)